Diversified Diving Service / Harrison Builders

Diversified Diving Service was created to be extremely mobile and self-sufficient to be able to mobilize anywhere in Alaska or the NW.

Greg Harrison

Greg Harrison, owner & operator has a long history of diving/construction experience:

7 years:  U S Navy SeaBee's

1990 graduate Divers Institute of Technology, Seattle WA.

100 ton master's license

28 years of commercial diving

40 years of construction:  carpentry, welding/cutting, equipment operator/rigger


20 years General contractor: commercial, marine, & residential

19 years commercial diving contractor

25 years commercial fishing & dive harvesting

25 years living & working in SE Alaska

Some Commercial Diving Jobs

2013:  Anode installation on cruise ship dock piling

DDS was contracted by Alaska marine lines to install 96 - 120 lb. anodes by means of underwater welding to 30' dia. piling to depths of 100' in Whittier, Alaska.

2011:  GCI terra project fiber optic cable installation

DDS subcontracted to International Telecom to perform beach landings of fiber optic cables, armoring the cables with split pipe cast-iron armor protectors.  DDS armored the cables from the manholes at the top of the beach to 10' depth MLLW; at all the communities on the shores of Lake Illiamna in western Alaska.  DDS was also tasked with operating a diver operated underwater cable burial jet sled in cook inlet, landing, burying and armoring fiber optic cable to the city of homer and port Williams, Alaska.

2010:  Ketchikan Public Utilities Tunnel Inspection

KPU called on Diversified Diving to inspect the tunnel under Ketchikan Lakes dam for blockage. The R.O.V. was lowered into a vertical intake, took a 90 degree turn at the bottom of the intake, & penetrated 200' of tunnel carved into the native rock to the penstock. It was confirmed there was no blockage & this marked the first viewing of the inside of this tunnel since 1928.

2009:  Ward Lake Dam Valve Repair

Diversified Diving Service was hired to do a valve repair at the Ward Lake dam. The R.O.V. was used for a reconnaissance dive to confirm the intakes were inert. The team was able to view and determine what needed to be done on the project before entering the water. Safety of the diver was confirmed & the repair was completed successfully.

2008:  Caldwell Marine Submarine Cable Lay

DDS did diver assist for Caldwell Marine, laying electrical cable across Tongass Narrows, including landing & anchoring the cable. They armored cables with seven 20x8 foot flexible concrete mats on the Ketchikan side, & armored the Gravina side with 10,000 pounds of bagged, premixed concrete.

2007:  GCI Communications Submarine Cable Lay

DDS subcontracted to GCI to perform beach landings of fiber optic cables, armoring the cables with split pipe cast-iron armor protectors. DDS armored the cables from the manholes at the top of the beach down to 10' depth MLLW; at major communities throughout southeast Alaska. Some of these armor installations were over 1,000' in length. They also performed reconnaissance dives at each landing site, searching for obstructions & any other hindrances to a successful landing of the fiber optic cable. They were able to lighter tens of thousands of pounds of cable armor with D/V Adventure from the cable lay barge into the shallows at the beach, staging armor along cables for the divers.

2005 - Present:  Neets Bay Barrier Net 

Diversified Diving Service has been contracted since 2004 to assist with installation, inspection & removal of the Neets Bay barrier net. This net is a free floating net held up with a cork line and boom sticks. Seven anchors secure it to the bottom. It is a quarter of a mile long & 140' at its deepest point. The barrier net allows the hatchery to control the number of salmon returning to the hatchery. The DDS team inspects the net for holes & repairs as necessary throughout the summer, from the first of June to the end of October. During the installation & removal the DDS team connects & disconnects the anchors & assists with laying the net out & hauling it out at the end of the season.

2003:  Body Recovery

Diversified Diving Service was contacted by a family after the authorities had given up searching for a family member who was lost at sea in a skiff. Using a tow-cam, the skiff & body were located in 166' of water. Using the R.O.V., the dive team was able to hook a line to the skiff. Salvage bags were then utilized to elevate the skiff in three stages. This specialized & safe approach eliminated the need for a decompression dive for the team. The family was able to have closure after the return of their loved one's body.

Harrison Builders

2015 - Present:  Kake Cannery

The Kake cannery is a 100 year old national historical landmark we are currently bringing out of imminent danger of collapse through piling repair/replacement, structural/roof repairs and reconstruction.  

2011:  1601 Tongass Ave.

We completed roof and structural alterations and remodel of this commercial building and its apartments.

2004:  Ocean View Restaurant Deck

Ocean View restaurant contracted us to construct a deck addition over the Tongass Narrows.   This job was completed using the company's dive vessel and imagination to facilitate marine construction.


2003:  Hidden Inlet Cabins

Harrison Builders constructed two 24' X 24' log cabin kits in remote Hidden Inlet. 


 1999:  Groomingdale's Pet Resort

This project consisted of a two story structure with a state of the art dog boarding kennel on the first floor, and a three bedroom two bath apartment on the second floor.